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After an intermission of almost six hundred years it is again a musico-cultural upsurge from the Indian subcontinent.

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Bio-Music > In General

LIFE’  or  ‘PRAAN’  in Sanskrit cannot just be defined in a word and hence it is equally difficult for “PRAAN SANGEET” too. ‘Vibration of Life’ could be traced into certain distinctive signs emerged out of certain interactive process of reactions in the metal and chemical particles’ reserves in the earth.

In point of radiation of ‘Life particles’ a perfect state of equilibrium plays a pivotal role from its very inception. It was further observed that a tremendous influence of some very typical constituents of BHARATIYA SANGEET (Indian Raga Music in the main), if applied scientifically by expert hands, has a much greater role to play as a prime-mover towards further growth and development of the ‘Life-Force’ manifested everywhere in nature and society.

The fundamental elements (particles) of matter in which the first flash of life had appeared through chemical reactions is limited to a number of around one hundred only. But in the thinking domains the ‘COMPOUND  THOUGHT  PARTICLES’ are never limited to any number cap. It is countless. Hence the power of BHARATIYA SANGEET, pampered in the lap of ‘ NATURE’ also counts to be endless being brewed in the cauldron of the POWER  OF  THOUTHTS.

To understand the scientific bonding between BHARATIYA SANGEET and the LIFE FORCE, as laid in the human soul, would have been a bit easier in case a full human body system  could be compared to the functional applications of a COMPUTER, the wonder baby of modern day technological excellence.

In COMPUTER the driving force is the SOFTWARE whereas in HUMAN BODY  it is the BRAINS that plays the role of a SOFTWARE packed CPU without the messages from which the HARDWARES like the HANDS, FEET, EYES, NOSE etc. are all motionless and dead.

This COMPUTER SOFTWARE understands the language of BINARY SYSTEM only that is, ‘0’ and ‘1.’ With designs of this digital magic an umpteen number of CODINGS generate in split seconds which by DE-CODING immediately turn to come alive as TEXTS, PICTURES, PAINTINGS, MUSIC  and what not. Now the  SAME PATTERN repeats in the HUMAN BODY system too with constant formation of CODINGS  in the BRAINS with corresponding DE-CODING which only in turn activates all limbs and other psycho-physical mechanisms abiding by the rules of Nature. But here the only difference is in the identity of the CONTROLLING UNIT. Unlike in COMPUTER here it is the LANGUAGE OF MUSIC with binary components - ‘SUR’ and ‘LAYA.’

The COMPUTER ENGINEER chose to make his PROGRAMMING with binaries ‘0’ and ‘1’ but the GREATEST ENGINEER of the whole universe, THE  NATURE, had PROGRAMMED the HUMAN BODY especially the BRAINS with two very distinguished binary components ‘SUR’ and ‘LAYA’ picked up from the bosom of BHARATIYA SANGEET. According to ACOUSTICS, to say more precisely ‘PSYCHO-ACOUSTICS,  ‘SUR’ that is ‘TUNE’ means a PERFECT COHESION OF SOUND FREQUENCY and ‘LAYA’ means a PERFECT COHESION OF TIME AND SPACE. This ‘SUR’ and ‘LAYA’ is concertedly the CONTROLLING UNIT in the making of CODING series that generates every moment in HUMAN BRAINS in unending streams.

If distribution of this twin power ‘SUR’ and ‘LAYA’ goes in the most appropriate proportion then a supreme state of SYMMETRY and EQUILIBRIUM is reached, and then the blessed ones are sure to rise to great heights with desired goals in life. But in case of reversal, the unfortunate ones may drown even into the hell of a miserable doom.
ACHARYA SANJAY has been working absorbedly for over last three decades with this very deep-seated unique power and property of BHARATIYA SANGEET (Indian Raga Music in the main). As a result of that arduous research he has drawn certain proven musical corollaries with their applied form-based unique LEARNING PROCESS backed with certain specially devised MEDITATION and YOGA lessons of ancient ASIAN origin. Taking all this together his musical philosophy that has already received a wide recognition among the attendee beneficiaries, is named ‘PRAAN SANGEET.’

If we now look back to our ancient India we see that the SAGES of VEDIC AGE had pioneered in extracting the four-point fire-brand potentials of BHARATIYA  VEDIC SANGEET and ACOUSICS named – ‘BAIKHARI’, ‘MADHYAMAA’, ‘PASHYANTI’ and ‘PARAA’ for employing them in proliferation of people’s education, health, agriculture, arts and so many other aspects of life.

Later on, with advancement of civilization thru’ many twisty turns of socio-economic phenomena, particularly under evil motives of many alien political governance, the ROOT of that most significant intrinsic prowess of BHARITIYA SANGEET had been made SEVERED from the main-stream of INDIAN LIFE AND CULTURE. As a result, an extreme loss of SYM METRICAL balance and EQUILIBRIUM is rampant everywhere, particularly at every level of our  EDUCATION SYSTEM  today standing as a monstrous deterrent against an all pervasive ADVANCEMENT AND INTEGRITY OF THE WHOLE NATION. Else, our countrymen could have kept producing golden crops in every spheres nationally and internationally had the rudimentary lessons of BHARATIYA SANGEET been equally inculcated along with GENERAL CURRICULUM  from PRIMARY EDUCATION thru’ UNIVERSITY DEGREES.

As a matter of fact, after the VEDIC AGE innumerable STARS were born in the horizon of BHARATIYA SANGEET, but, sorry to say, NOBODY was seen stepping out his personal ambit to plunge into the SERVICES  to the PEOPLES OF INDIA for BROADER INTEREST with a BLUE PRINT in their hands portraying FUNDAMENTAL THOUGHTS and PLANNINGS about the BENEVOLENT MESSAGES  of BHARATIYA SANGEET.

As we know, scientists of material world have asserted that only a CERTAIN PART of HUMAN BRAINS has happened to be in use while the rest whole is left unutilized till this day. THE SAME FATE APPLIES FOR BHARATIYA SANGEET TOO. A very small PROFILE of BHARATIYA SANGEET has been projected so far, while its COLOSAL EDIFICE is still left in the DARK OF IGNORANCE. It has been given to understand that BHARATIYA SANGEET is nothing more than an ENTERTAINMENT DIET or a PASTIME COMPANION. But that is NOT the WHOLE TRUTH at all.

In sooth, besides ‘ENTERTAINMENT’,  a huge multi-faceted productive forces consist in the bosom of BHARATIYA SANGEET and ACOUSTICS.  And if scientifically applied, it has only to WORK WONDERS in proliferating people’s education, health, medicine, agriculture, industry, arts, literature, researches and so many other inspirational efforts and enthusiasm. But without any SANGEET CURSADER having come forward, a VAST GULF or a VOID has stood in silence for past centuries.

The dream-traveller ACHARYA SANJAY CHAKRABARTY could not come to terms with this CAPTIVE PROFILE of BHARATIYA SANGEET, which is to him absolutely synonymous with the almighty NATURE-IMAGE herself. Hence, despite his undeserved struggle for a day-to-day existence, he is committed to dedicate his life to span this GULF, rather that all-evaded VOID to reach out to the peoples of our country and abroad with the BENEFITS  of his Musical Philosophy ‘PRAAN SANGEET’, that is to resolve the UNDONE TASK that only a BRAVE-HEART CRUSADER can only take as the WORSHIP being LARGER than his LIFE.

Now it is the extreme NEED OF THE HOUR that such a NOBLE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH should be given a tumultuous WELCOME. All Music Organizers, All India Radio, all Television Channels and whoever has a sense of PRIDE for this world-treasure INDIAN MUSIC should earnestly invite ACHARYA SANJAY in their various PLATFORMS  whereon SANJAY can present his ‘Dream Research Project’ PRAAN SANGEET unfolding the majesty of PSYCHO-ACOUSTICS and SUR-TAAL-LAYA smeared SANGEET (Music) to the good sense and sentience of all enthusiastic peoples of the land.

But any sensible person can understand that materialization of such a HIMALAYAN TASK is a near impossibility by a LONE PERSON with his SINGLE HANDED EFFORTS. So magnanimous HELPS and SUPPORTS from all quarters, especially from Govt and Non-Govt sources should be pouring in, and only and only then the VICTORIUS FLAG of this MUSICAL CRUSADER  ACHARYA SANJAY will certainly fly high in the sky of MILLION HEARTS, we believe.


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